Our Story

TransfoCoaching and Consulting is a proudly Namibian business which was founded in 2012. Our business is unique in that we offer Professional Coaching to facilitate leadership development, strategic and transformation Human Resource consulting services and solutions. We coach executives, small business owners and professionals.

The establishment of TransfoCoaching and Consulting was a direct response to the ever-increasing gap between knowing what to do and doing it. Through our engagement, we believe that our clients will be able to identify and close the gaps between where they are and where they want to be.

We partner with leaders to develop and strengthen leadership capabilities, to enhance the workplace climate and to increase individual and team effectiveness.

We are committed to help our clients shape their journey – courageously, creatively and productively. We ensure that our clients attain success that inspires and transforms their companies.

Our name and logo

TransfoCoaching and Consulting draws its inspiration from the ocean waves, which are represented in our logo. Waves are constantly moving and transforming their size, shape, colour, speed, direction and power; and bring new and fresh water all the time.

With different sizes and colours, waves create the unique qualities of the ocean, showing us similar characteristics to how humans go about their personal growth at an individual and business level.

Watching the movement of waves as they meet the shore, and the rising of each wave as it reaches its highest point, could be applied to the human process of transformation and self-reinventing. All the qualities of how the wave will transform, already exist within the wave. Similarly, we believe that humans inherently have the capacity, and the qualities, to explore possibilities and reach their highest potential, resourcefulness, and a sense of achievement and success.

Our values

We are committed to meet the needs of our clients in a way that is:

We are enthusiastic and committed to all our client engagements.

We deliver creative solutions that are based on our clients' needs and we pioneer new ways to deliver service.

We provide space and resources for our clients and stakeholders to partner with us and be part of our team.

We conduct ourselves in a way that is ethical, transparent and fair, we value confidentiality, embrace diversity and ensure equality.